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Attract The Best Dental Patients

Dental Practice Target Audience

Understanding "Who" Your Buyers Are



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Opening a dialogue with your most ideal patient begins with knowing who they are. What their interests, preferences, and buying behaviors are. Doesn't that make sound business sense?

Finding your ideal target audience and nurturing them into new patients for your dental practice requires a deep understanding of just who you are targeting and what they are interested in. As an independent dental practice owner, and office manager, or a marketing manager for a group of dental practices, you need this information so you can be assured that your marketing dollars are being allocated in the most effective manner.

Our advanced analysis and demographic study of the neighborhoods surrounding each dental practice ensure that your dental marketing campaigns are designed to resonate with the prospects most likely to respond. When you understand your market area, you can develop marketing campaigns that will drive higher response.


No more wasted dollars. We help you find the best patients in your

area – and stop them from calling anyone else!


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We begin by drilling down beyond basic demographics using the most sophisticated mapping analysis to provide accurate and detailed information on the socioeconomic composition of your neighborhoods. The power of this allows us to profile your consumers in a number of ways.  

We really dig into this, and by utilizing this extremely detailed information, we help you pinpoint where your marketing dollars are best spent for the biggest return. No money is wasted by going after the wrong consumers.


How Current Patients Impact 

You have a core group of patients that remain loyal, trust you, accept treatment and refer. By analyzing these folks from a market perspective, we can help you see where you have opportunity for market gains ... and where you might not. 

How To Find Your Dental Practice Target

Creating a correctly targeted marketing list doesn't have to be daunting. We apply our 24+ years of experience to extensive analytics to guide you through the process. Start with a free, no-obligation discovery session. 
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