August 2011

7 Great Offers That Are Pulling Fantastic Results

Clients are always asking us what other dentists are offering across the country and how those special offers are pulling. Here are the latest top 7 that are generating a significant flow of new patient calls!

Get Acquainted Special – $47. Includes exam and bitewing x-rays
Take-Home Whitening – $1. With completed new patient exam and x-rays
Lumineer Smile Makeover $4995. 2 short visits, free consult, x-rays, exam, photos
Free Whitening Kit with new patient exam
$50 off any dental treatment, available to new and existing patients
Free Cancer Screening with exam and x-rays
New Patient Special – $99.

Your offer doesn’t have to give away all your profit to be effective. Your competitive advantages and value-added content will do most of the work to generate interest in your practice. Your offer has the function of adding urgency for your new patient to “call today.”

Clients who are generating the best results usually feature two or three offers in their mailings. If you’re uncomfortable with a product or service discount, make sure you include a free consultation appointment where a prospect can come in to meet your team, check out your practice, and see if you’re a match.

Once you have your prospective new patient on site, make sure you WOW them with great service. Your practice entrance and reception areas should be spotless. Your front desk team should smile and enthusiastically welcome them to their appointment. Whoever is giving the tour should approach your new patient and shake their hand. (Don’t call them from across the room!) Have each staff member memorize pieces of your script that will include testimony to your practice, doctors, hygienists, and staff … “You’re going to love our practice” … “Dr. X is wonderful at…” … “our hygiene team…” and mention and reinforce the key competitive benefits you’ve highlighted in your marketing efforts.

If you’d like more information about results-oriented patient acquisition strategies, please call our team for free expert advice. Your call will be answered live between 8:30am and 6:00 pm EST or messages will be returned within one business day. We know you’re busy and respect your time.

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Carrie McKay Wins Employee Of The Year!

Last Friday we held our annual summer party at President Karen Galley’s lake house. Each summer we select a date, create a theme, and invite all staff to join in celebration. We close down PNP HQ, and our entire team treks 30 minutes north to get together for team building games, skits, presentations, boating, swimming, and a cocktail or two. We invite spouses to join for dinner and we announce our much-anticipated Employee of the Year.

In 2010, the Centre for Management and Organization wrote that there is a correlation between employee happiness and increased profit margin. Repeat business and referrals equal greater profit, so as business owners, it’s important to remember that it is your people that drive profit levels.

Happy staff equal happy customers equal more revenue. We are very fortunate at Patient News to have a fantastic team who believes in our core values and takes exceptional care of our clients. Bad customer care will keep customers away, so it is essential that a business have an effective and proactive customer servicing approach, starting with a positive teamwork environment.

At PNP we started our Employee of the Year program almost 10 years ago. It was an extension of our successful launch of the Fish! Philosophy, the story about the fish market in Seattle. The four key tenets include choose your attitude, remember to play, be present, and make someone’s day. It’s a perfect motto for a group of individuals working together, and it’s also very practical in life. We sent our first EOY and spouse to Nassau for an all-expenses-paid vacation including a deep sea fishing event. The theme that year was fish after all!

Since then we have expanded our employee recognition programs. Staff selects the Fish of the Day, we accept nominations and secret admirer ballots in our multiple suggestion box options, and each month the management team selects an Employee of the Month who receives an extra day off and a VIP parking spot! From this select group we award our Employee of the Year and we’ve sent our staff all around the world. Sales & Service Manager Jon Petrie and his wife went to Paris in 2003, Senior Graphic Designer Betty James jetted off to London the year we expanded services into the UK. Others have been to Spain, Jamaica, a Caribbean cruise, Vegas, Senior Account Manager Jean Broersma hit Manhattan, and Senior Account Manager Pamela Fletcher went to Costa Rica the year we celebrated our commitment to the environment.

How do you create happy staff? Treat people with respect. Say good morning. Acknowledge their efforts and engage them in your plans. Provide the tools and training. Provide opportunity and accountability. Have FUN beyond a team luncheon. Recently we launched the Betterment of PNP program offering financial awards for great ideas, ideas that could have an impact on any aspect of bettering Patient News from our product offering to cost savings to our culture. Everyone was invited to participate and we received 88 distinct ideas from 40 of our staff.

It’s always nice to provide whatever extra perks you can reasonably afford. What about one extra week of vacation each year? Can you set up an outside patio with a barbecue? A games area? Can you provide dedicated fitness time, a break room, coffee & tea service? Can you enhance your medical benefit support? Can you bring in fresh fruit each week or provide flexible work hours?

What about special events that people look forward to and anticipate? We never miss our annual overnight holiday function, our ski day, and our summer party. This year our summer theme was Red Motion, supporting the launch of our redesigned logo with emphasis on our corporate color, and to highlight that Patient News is on the move. We split into four teams, each with the task “show us the red.” Wonderfully creative skits ranged from musicals: PNP … We’re Dy-na-mite, It’s Not Easy Being Green, and A Fish Named Red, to a poem recital of our Red Fishing Expedition. (The Fish! Philosophy is ingrained in everything we do at PNP!)

So Friday’s Red Motion Party was another great event with good cheer and happy memories created and shared. And Patient News is in motion. We’re launching new products, expanding services, and growing our team.

Congratulations to Carrie McKay, Senior Account Manager, who has been dedicated, loyal, creative, and passionate about PNP for close to 10 years. She’ll be enjoying a week in red-hot Miami – at the exclusive boutique Red South Beach Resort.