8 tips to running a successful dental practice

The way you manage your dental office can leave lasting impressions on your patients and significantly impact your retention rates. However, owning and operating a business in any industry can be difficult, so it's important you remain organized and know the best practices in improving the patient experience. Here are eight tips to help you improve the dentist-to-patient experience:

1. What makes your practice unique?

You need to market what makes your business unique. Whether you offer an expansive array of oral health services or emphasize a certain specialty, you need to clearly identify your best competitive attributes and promote them throughout all of your dental advertising campaigns and patient interactions.

2. Create office culture

After you've found your differentiating qualities, you'll need to develop and strengthen them within your practice. If you focus on customer service, make sure each employee is on the same page and working toward similar objectives. This helps create a culture of caring.

3. Expand services

When it comes time to grow your book of patients, think about ways you can expand your services and improve the value you provided to strengthen your competitive position and help pique the interest of prospective patients.

4. Flexible financial options

Providing flexible payment methods can help build rapport with patients. When you ensure that a wide range of options is available, patients may be more inclined to accept treatment recommendations.

5. Remember to engage

Your patients will leave if you show indifference, if they fear the dental visit and you haven’t developed trust, and if they aren’t educated about the importance of oral health. Therefore, remember to use patient newsletters to remain in the forefront of their minds and provide them with invaluable snippets of information to guide their oral health decisions.

6. Referrals

In addition to educating your patients-of-record, offer them referral opportunities. When your patients can save or benefit by recommending your service to their friends and family, everyone involved benefits.

7. Upgrade your scheduling system

In order to continue providing superior customer service, you need a reliable scheduling software that is fast and efficient. This type of program will allow you to see a visual representation of your day ahead, which can help you better manage your time and meet with each valued patient.

8. Make sure your staff is trained

When your patients come in for their appointments, you are not the only professional they'll be in contact with. In fact, your front desk team IS your practice to new patient callers. Make sure that each person who greets and works with your patients, either in person or on the phone, is well trained in dental best practices as well as communication. This will help improve the overall experience.

The key to expansion and patient retention is to understand how to manage your business effectively and use dental marketing content to build lucrative relationships with your clients.