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Make your dental practice more profitable

What Reality TV Tells You About Your Dental Marketing Plan

Direct mail really works! The newsletter format is proven to be twice as effective at engaging readers as a postcard or static mailer.
Increase new-patient flow

Boost Your Dental Marketing Results With Little Effort

Patient News offers a special cost-effective program that allows clients to get extra copies of their newsletters into the hands of staff who can share and increase new-patient referrals. Gang up a short print order on the end of your mail press run – easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! 

Determining The Right Dental Marketing Budget

I recently had a conversation with Dr. Mike Abernathy, author of The Super General Dentist. Our discussion revolved around different aspects of marketing processes and tools, and one area we touched on seems to be very subjective in the dental world, and that is, “What should I be spending on marketing?”
Understanding how new dental patients find your practice

Dental marketing that powers direct and indirect response

Successful dentists always implement a marketing plan that includes a consistent multi-style mix of acquisition and retention initiatives – that’s why they get the highest overall practice results. 
release the worry and aggravation of dental marketing

Is analysis paralysis impacting your dental marketing results?

Five ways to get past the inability to make decisions and why it’s so important that you do.