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Don't Make This Mistake...

“Who is my customer?” Hint: It is not 30-year-old single males.  This key consumer controls 80% of household spending in the U.S. and Canada and in the healthcare sector, it’s more like 90%. 
Removing The Bugs In Your Dental Marketing Plan

Removing The Bugs In Your Dental Marketing Plan

Patients notice more at your practice than you think. If you want more new dental patients to book recare and refer family members – you need to read this.
more effective dental marketing campaigns

Amazing News For Dentists Who Want Their Dental Marketing Campaigns To Be More Effective

Dental marketing intelligence helps dentists make better business decisions. This leading-edge research gives dentists the powerful insights they need to drive dental practice growth. 
What is Your Practice's Conversational Capacity?

What is Your Practice's Conversational Capacity?

In your team meetings, does it sometimes feel that no one is on the same page?. Do even minor differences in opinion throw everyone off track, wasting time and derailing performance?

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Your practice has to stand out and be noticed. You cannot build and grow if your practice blends in with all the other dentists in your marketplace. Make your practice top-of-mind for 2016 and boost your new patient marketing results.