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Does Your Staff Know You’re Marketing?

If we don't help our teams understand our business goals and marketing initiatives, how can they improve our business results?
graph - going from 650k to 1million

How Marketing Increases Your Margins & Makes Profits Soar!

When a practitioner is successful in transforming their dental practice from a $650,000 practice to a 1-million-dollar practice, the results are dramatic.
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Dental Marketing Ideas With The Power Of Positive

The fact is, we can DECIDE TO BE HAPPY. And if you and your team are happy this will make for more happy patients and a more successful practice.  
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Study Reveals: Newsletters Crush Postcards With 70% Higher Response

The study proved that overall newsletters generate a higher response than postcards. Using unbiased third-party tracking, the extensive research study proved that, on average, newsletters drive 17 calls for every 10 generated from a postcard.

Important Call In Progress!

Having a sign that says “Important Call” is an imperative tool for all your call handlers. When someone approaches them when they’re on a new-patient call, they can hold up the sign, indicating that they cannot be interrupted.